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Affiliate Marketing

There are several websites that can be used to promote your website and they also provide valuable back-links that are capable of redirecting traffic to your website, sometimes more cost-effectively than Google AdWords. Below are 2 examples amongst many.

This is a site that facilitates advertising on different websites. We can set a list of websites around Australia that promote your business products / services. We can pay a fixed number such as $0.20 per click, or pay $10 per sign up.
Emedia have large lists of people that they email weekly. They are able to generate leads through their promotions. They have a list of 40,000 businesses of all types, who have to give you their details to view your website. You can then use a telemarketer and/or sales representatives to follow these leads up. This would typically cost about $2,000 but could generate a great many leads.

These customers are looking for ways to save money and with such a high customer base your business is likely to receive a strong quantity of valuable leads.