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James Parnwell


James completed his Marketing Degree in 1996 and has been operating, managing and consulting to small businesses ever since. James has owned several of his own businesses and spent millions of his own dollars marketing them. This means not only does he have the experience of knowing where to spend marketing dollars so that they get the best results, he also knows how not to spend money on marketing. Education, Training and Experience in the real world combine to make him an excellent source of advice for increasing your business.

In recent years he has honed his skills in the area of Internet Marketing. This includes Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO Sydney) , Social Media Marketing, Blogging, E-Commerce Marketing as well as the myriad of other methods that exist on the Internet. With a great deal of experience in multiple industries seeing what works and what doesn’t he can provide a multi-pronged approach to getting your business ahead of the pack.

In an increasingly fast paced and ever changing marketplace it is good to have someone on your team, growing your business and sitting on the front edge of this brave new marketing world!