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Google Search Marketing Trends

Google is very pro-active in developing new initiatives in Online Marketing. As a company we aim to be aware of the latest market trends when it comes to Google. We regularly attend agency workshops at Google, Sydney as part of Google Engage for Agencies program that provides training and resources for online marketers to help small businesses get and succeed online. We are advised of the latest trends and opportunities so we can advise our clients what will work best for their business. New trends like Google Product Search, Google Shopping, Google Remarketing and many other new initiatives can help your business!

Google AdWords gets people to your site immediately. We can use it for search as well as the greater content network of websites that promote Google.
CPA BIDDING... We can also track sales and conversions so we can measure the ROI and the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. This enables us to make sure the money spent on our marketing is profitable.
There are also some very interesting new innovations from Google such as Remarketing. Remarketing stores information on user's cookies to say that they have been to your site. Google then shows them your ad as they go to other sites on the Google network. It essentially follows people around the internet exposing them to your brand over and over and over. They will see text ads as well as image ads, which are even better because the visual element means that people connect again with your logo.

Starting or building up an online shop needs professional advice and input. We have spoken with and helped many start-ups and established businesses online. The competition for online sales can be significant, but the opportunities are growing daily. More and more people are spending more of their money shopping online. If you want to capitalise on this market growth talk to us today. We have helped many online businesses to grow, having increased the sales revenue for some online shops by hundreds of thousands of dollars in new sales.

We will advise you on the best ways to build your business online and to generate sales. We can help you market online in innovative ways using the latest technology trends that will drive customers to your online shop. We will tell you if we don't think something is in your best interests. We are motivated to see your business improve, not just our bottom line! We have years of industry experience that can mean the difference between your shop booming or failing.

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Recent Testimonials

  • Client, Di Worrall says:

    Search engine marketing has driven some key new clients to my website including a major multinational. Thanks for your expert guidance in the design and maintenance of my new website. Your advice on website design and search engine marketing has driven some key new clients to my website including a major multinational with whom I am now doing business. This lead has been invaluable in supporting my business expansion.

  • Client, Viktoria Darabi says:

    Softcom Web Solutions Pty Ltd 'extreme makeover' of our website three years ago, changed forever how we market our business. With John's skill as an SEO expert, the number and quality of our enquiries and leads has improved to the point where 95% of our web enquiries convert to a sale.

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  • Client, Tamara Jones says:

    We are now able to take charge of our internet advertising. Combined with an SEO package that provides extensive reports, detailing visitors to the site, keyword searches and many more very useful tools, we are now able to take charge of our internet advertising to effectively market the sites and target potential customers.